Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Orleans on my mind........

It's early Sunday morning and I've been glued to weather news for 24 hours now. Hurricane Gustav is heading straight for the Louisiana coast. You might ask why that should matter to me as I live in Dallas. 21 years ago next Friday, I married my wonderful husband in Dallas and then we headed to our new home two days later. Our new home was in New Orleans. A refurbished, two story, anti-bellum home on Canal street.....the second floor....only window units for airconditioning and just blocks away from Lake Ponchatrain. We spent the first five years of our married life in this charming town and did our best to immerse ourselves in the culture and the history of this most unique city.

In those five years we lived in four different houses. Our second house was unlike any other I've ever lived in. It was this castle in a small, fishing village just east of New Orleans called Irish Bayou. We moved into it just before Christmas in 1987 and spent our first Christmas together as a married couple here. The photo I'm using is not from that time. I haven't been able to hook up our new scanner yet so I've pulled one in from Google Images (
The yard is very overgrown, but what's so amazing is that this photo was taken AFTER Katrina hit. The castle was the only thing left standing in Irish Bayou after the storm. Amazing! My husband and I lived here with our Old English Sheepdog, Maggie, for 6 months. Big Daddy traveled on business alot then and would usually leave out of town on Monday and return home on Friday. Maggie and I spent lots of time here, just the two of us, and my biggest fear was that she would become dinner for a 'gator. When I get my scanner working, I'll post again about this bizarre newlywed home and show you pictures of the inside and tell your more stories about living here.
There are many old, beautiful cemetaries in New Orleans. Angels abound everywhere you look. As the city is now under mandatory evacuation, I pray that this storm will NOT be a repeat of Katrina and that the angels wrap their protective wings of comfort and love around this historic and charming city. New Orleans has not had enough time or support to get itself back on its feet yet. The news reports that are coming out of the city currently seem to point to a new evacuation plan that is more organized and the chaos is not like what it was three years ago this past Friday. Please keep this city and its people in your thoughts and prayers.


Sherry said...

Oh Amen Allie. Katrina did enough damage to last several lifetimes. I pray that Gustav is much kinder and skims the surface -- and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in that area.

What a lovely post about a spot in the world that holds so many dear and fond memories for you.

Kimberly said...

Oh wow!
Your stories and perspective are amazing! I can't wait to hear more! I LOVE that city...and hope that it somehow recovers and withstands Mother Nature!

I am completely entranced by the city's your angel! When my hubby and I went the Spring before Katrina, I drug him to every darned cemetery in the city and took an insane amount of photos - SUCH RICH history!

I love it so much, that I even tripped on cobblestones while shooting photos of overhead iron-work. I broke my ankle and spent 12 hours in the downtown ER of Tulane Medical Center...ended up having surgery when I returned home! ha!

Allie said...

Thank you and yes, New Orleans has a very special place in my heart. Beautiful memories of beginning a new life with my soul mate.

The cemeteries as amazing in New Orleans! So much so that they have cemetary tours both day and night. We lived near to a very large one and sometimes it would be kinda creepy driving home at night when fog was rolling in. There's no other town quite like New Orleans!! What a horrible "souvenir" you brought home with you after your visit there! :)


Alisa said...

Well, it looks like New Orleans is going to be okay, for the most part.
What a great post Allie! I can't wait to see and hear more about your castle.

The soldering class I took was in Roanoke... a bit of a drive, but not too bad. It was definitely worth it!

Have a great Labor Day!

Merisi said...

I held my breath, until I heard in the news that Gustav has been downgraded and was sparing New Orleans from the worst.

Fete et Fleur said...

Beautiful post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures, in what looks to be a fairytale castle!


Leslie said...

I'm so relieved for your sweet NOLA that she was spared during Gustav. Hopefully, Ike will pass her by as well.

I love the images you posted, and your wonderful story of your early married days there. Looking forward to seeing more of your images.

A Fanciful Twist said...

I just adore New Orleans. So mysterious and magical. And that castle!! You lived there? So wonderful! You must share more photos, ppplease...

Also, I have to say, it is devastating, everything that the hurricanes have done (to say the least)... I always dreamed of living in some old plantation home...

Alida Thorpe said...

I went to New Orleans many years ago. I was a beautiful city. I'm sure some of the older buildings are still there but what will happen in the future.

Great post!
(Long Island Woman)