Friday, August 29, 2008

No Wakey-Wakey for me today!

Went back to work (school) three weeks ago. However, the kids came back to school this week and I was the lucky winner of the first two weeks of morning duty. Whippee! Getting up this morning was TOUGH! I felt just like this puppy. I've stayed up too late watching the Democrat's Convention and then reading for another 30 minutes or so after that. Next week will probably be the same because I'll have to watch the Republican's Convention, too. Gotta look for my dad on t.v. with the Texas delegation. Somehow, when I decided to become a teacher, I forgot about how much I enjoy staying up late and do NOT enjoy getting up early in the morning.....and teachers have to be at school before the kids! Thank goodness for the three day weekend! Hope everyone has a restful Labor Day!


Leslie said...

Oh yes. I'd have a really difficult time getting up in the morning for school -- just like that adorable puppy!

Thanks for stopping by!

rochambeau said...

Hi Allie,
Welcome back to your new school year! Your pupster's SOOoo cute!
When I move to Texas, you and I will have to get together! Have you been to Jefferson before??


Alisa said...

Rest while you can this weekend! I hear ya about that morning thing... uuhg!

Sherry said...

It's so hard to re-adjust to schedules, especially when you've had the luxury of a long lie in or staying up good to you and make the most of this weekend!

Allie said...

School just starts too early for me! Thanks for stopping by.

I've never been to Jefferson but checked out a few visitor sites on-line and it looks like quite a charming town. Would love to visit!

I'm all about Labor Day weekend being a weekend of rest and play. It's only a 4 day school week right after that! :)

If left to my own inner schedule, I stay up late and sleep late...but that doesn't work for school. I'm having a great Labor Day weekend scrapbooking with my best friend, Julie!