Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scotland calling.....

The Cupcake Princess called this afternoon from Edinburgh. They are all settled in at the dormitories and have gone grocery shopping to save money on food......that's my girl! Lots of rain and cool weather.....unlike Dallas....but she says the people and the places are all beautiful. They've done some rehearsing and a tech run and everything's going well. The first show is in two nights. Only two people on the trip have tried haggis and those two are loving it...she's not one of them! It was SO good to hear her voice..........feeling a bit melancholy now.


Alisa said...

Awww, she'll be back before you know it Allie! :)

Sherry said...

Those phone calls home just make all the world of diffrence!! And my grandmother was from Aberdeen (north of Edinburgh) and I've never tried haggis. Way to go cupcake princess..give me a cupcake anyday!!! ;)

rochambeau said...

Hi Allie,
So nice to know The Cupcake Princess in safe and sound, bet she is appreciating the brake in temp.

What a great experience for her! One she'll never forget.
I heard Scottish people are friendly and warm. I've never tried Haggis,I'm too sacrd.
Hope CP broke a leg at the show went well last night!