Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Off to England & Scotland ~FINALLY!

Well, the day has come and gone........put the Cupcake Princess on a flight to London yesterday with her theatre group. She seems to be feeling fine and still has the go from the doctor.....mono is a weird virus....so off she went yesterday afternoon. That's her on the right with two of her good friends......such fresh faces! Those are some happy girls!!

We all met at the High School early yesterday morning to do last minute baggage checks and to pack up all of the props for their 4 performances. Seems like we did a lot of staring at suit cases.....couldn't pass up getting that on film......if we all look at "it" together, maybe we can make "it" work......hmmmmmm.....

Couldn't pass up the wigs.......they had to go, too!
The group will be performing at the Fringe Festival in Scotland. Their show is called The Stepping Off Place and was written by their theatre director. How excited everyone is to perform it on an international level. This was one of their ads/postcards from their last performance of the show here in the states. I know the Cupcake Princess and friends will have a FABULOUS time on their two week adventure. It will be a strange time here at home without her lively energy. No "mom duties".....strange. Big Daddy took me to Braum's for a special ice cream treat last night to "lighten my spirits". He's so good to me. Here's the last photo I took at the airport.......they like look happy travelers, don't they?!! :)


rochambeau said...

How EXCITING for the Cupcake Princess! So glad she feels better! You must be happy too Allie!!

Alisa said...

She is going to have such a fabulous time!

Dido said...

Hi Allie

Glad you're daughter managed to be well enough to get on that plane! I'm sure she'll have a fabulous time here in Edinburgh!! The weather here is not great at the moment, but it should get better by the weekend. I'll look out for her on the Royal Mile :-).

Merisi said...

I am so happy that your Cupcake Princess is able to take part in that great Scotland adventure after all! So refreshing to look at all the excitement! (Have I ever mentioned what a terrible waste it would be if you'd not share your world with the rest of us?)

Regarding Ian McEwans novel "Atonement,"
go and get it, and read it while your daughter is away! I am thinking of reading it a third time. ;-)

Sherry said...

Your daughter and her friends are going to have the time of their lives...travelling, especially abroad at this age is one of the best experiences. I went to Italy at 16, my oldest son went to Italy & Germany when he was almost 17...wonderful memories are made.

My best friend's son will be working at the Fringe Festival -- he works there every year from the time he was a student in Edinburgh so I knew what you were talking about straight away!

Alisa said...

Hey Allie... me again.
Of course I'll post the wands. I should probably get started on that sometime soon!