Thursday, November 27, 2008

Visions of Thanksgiving

Was running to the vacuum store yesterday afternoon because the belt broke on the vacuum cleaner (something always breaks right before the holidays) and heard the strangest sound. When I looked up in the sky, this is what I saw.........
A blimp! It used to be called the Goodyear blimp but now it's the DIRECTV blimp.......on it's way to Dallas Stadium for the Thanksgiving Cowboy football game. It was the strangest sound and so weird to see in our skies!
So, I've been trying to get ahead for the Thanksgiving celebration at our house this year. The table has been set since Tuesday night. I lit the candles last night and took some pictures. Nothing fancy, but wanted to have a nice place for the six of us to eat before we settle in for some football watching and napping.Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends, love, and joy.


Friday, November 21, 2008

This is what morning looks like!

"This is what morning looks like!" my dad would always say in a bright voice to me when I was younger. He got such a kick out of me grumbling about being awake so early in the morning and this would just make me grumble even more. I had an opportunity to tell my dad the same thing last weekend while we were staying at my mom and dad's home.

I have a simple, digital camera, so I wasn't really able to capture the beauty of the sunrise over the lake at my parents house last weekend......but I think you can tell that it was truely amazing. While I'm not a morning person at all, I was still awake enough to appreciate the spendor of the sun peeking over the cliffs. The air was cool and the only sounds you could hear were leaves scooting across the ground and trees gently whispering. I think my dad and my husband got a good laugh from me running out the back door in my p.j.s saying...."Oh! I've GOT to get a picture of this!" 6 in the morning.......especially because I'm still such a big grump early in the morning. Merisi, you created the new monster running around with a camera all of the time......I really am trying to see the beautiful little things in my world around me. What a gift! Happy Friday, everyone! :D


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes

"Mother is the name of God on the lips and in the hearts of children."

~William Makepeace Thackeray

Today is my sweet mother's birthday.

I'm glad we got to celebrate with you this past weekend.

As always, you were the Hostess with the Mostess!!

Hope today was a wonderful day with friends and family.

You are MY yellow rose of Texas!

I love you......


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do you remember?

Do you remember your senior year of high school? Boy, I sure do! And now, my Cupcake Princess is enjoying her senior year. This is part of the group of 24 that went to Homecoming together last weekend. The CP is wearing the bright, sea blue dress. What a wonderful group of kids she hangs out with. They are all part of the Theatre Magnet at her high school, make good grades, and really don't get into trouble.....they just like hanging out with each other.

These are just the girls, minus one who was running late. Don't they look beautiful? It was November 1, around 6 wraps, no jackets...and no, they weren't freezing. It was around 70 degrees and just a wonderful evening.

These are two of the Cupcake Princess's best friends in the whole world. They've been friends since 7th grade and just take such good care of each other. Being theatre students, they LOVE to "mug" for the camera! No shyness with this bunch!

This is another of the CP's best friends. The two of them just crack me up! They look like Mutt and Jeff!! Tracy is 6 feet tall and the CP is only 5'2"......but they wear the same size dress.......go figure!What a lucky young man to be surrounded by such beautiful young ladies!

I love my Cupcake Princess!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dogs just don't get it!

I was SO looking forward to sleeping in and getting that extra hour of sleep this morning. But NOOOOO! Not only does Pippen not get weekend schedules, he REALLY doesn't understand FALLING BACK with daylight savings time! I must have been pounced a dozen times this morning in my bed and he was quite vocal....letting me know that this sleeping late business was just unacceptable to him. He wasn't happy being off his schedule!! Guess I'll be napping on the couch while the Cowboys play this afternoon. He's lucky I find him so cute!!