Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do you remember?

Do you remember your senior year of high school? Boy, I sure do! And now, my Cupcake Princess is enjoying her senior year. This is part of the group of 24 that went to Homecoming together last weekend. The CP is wearing the bright, sea blue dress. What a wonderful group of kids she hangs out with. They are all part of the Theatre Magnet at her high school, make good grades, and really don't get into trouble.....they just like hanging out with each other.

These are just the girls, minus one who was running late. Don't they look beautiful? It was November 1, around 6 wraps, no jackets...and no, they weren't freezing. It was around 70 degrees and just a wonderful evening.

These are two of the Cupcake Princess's best friends in the whole world. They've been friends since 7th grade and just take such good care of each other. Being theatre students, they LOVE to "mug" for the camera! No shyness with this bunch!

This is another of the CP's best friends. The two of them just crack me up! They look like Mutt and Jeff!! Tracy is 6 feet tall and the CP is only 5'2"......but they wear the same size dress.......go figure!What a lucky young man to be surrounded by such beautiful young ladies!

I love my Cupcake Princess!


Leslie said...

Wow! These are wonderful pictures! CP will be so happy to have them. How nice to have uninhibited friends to mug with!

Charlene said...

She is adorable! And being 6'1" tall... I can associate with she & her friend. None of my friends are tall like me. Oh well, she (& you) are lucky she has such great friends. And that they are having FUN now. Life get's too serious too fast these days.

Alisa said...

Awww, your CP looks so beautiful!

Merisi said...

Wunderful images to cherish!
They grow so fast! *sigh*

Off topic:
Yes, you are right about David. *giggle*
Each and every time I click on the picture, and my little mouse puts her little "hand" .... I have to laugh. It's too funny (oh well, I am a child at heart - and so nut funny, as my kids like to tell me).

Whitney Johnson said...

Soooo fun! Your daughter is just beautiful. Her group of friends look fabulous - looks like thay have a lot of fun. I love High School age kids (was a high school choir teacher for 7 years). Alright!

rochambeau said...

Thank you for sharing your Cupcake Princesses Prom with me. She looked wonderful in her pretty dress and is lucky indeed to be surrounded by good friends! She is also fortunate to share her passion for the theater with others. Will she go on to a special acting college now?

Have a great day Allie!
Like your new banner very much!