Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dogs just don't get it!

I was SO looking forward to sleeping in and getting that extra hour of sleep this morning. But NOOOOO! Not only does Pippen not get weekend schedules, he REALLY doesn't understand FALLING BACK with daylight savings time! I must have been pounced a dozen times this morning in my bed and he was quite vocal....letting me know that this sleeping late business was just unacceptable to him. He wasn't happy being off his schedule!! Guess I'll be napping on the couch while the Cowboys play this afternoon. He's lucky I find him so cute!!


Charlene said...

Such a cute puppy!!!! My sweet Reba is not feeling well today. She is getting older & it makes me sad. How old is your cutie?

Allie said...

Pippen is 2 1/2 years old and full of energy and sweetness. I feel for you with your older dog, Reba. After 6 months of me mourning the loss of our last scottie, Dixie, my husband brought home this little man who makes me laugh and smile every day. Pets are a wonderful creatures and such a part of our lives.

rochambeau said...

Dear Allie,
Dogs rule!!
don't they?


Allie said...

ABSOLUTELY DOGS RULE!! To the dismay of the Cupcake Princess, I don't care for cats....but cats don't care for me either. I guess they can just tell my preference :)

cindy said...

LOL! Yep, the cat's did not understand as well! : D


Leslie said...

So cute. This made me think of something I posted last year about Atticus and Scout. It looks like some of the photos may have been dropped, but here is the link anyway:

Leslie said...

Well, that didn't work, but it was in July of 2007 -- Dog Days Tuesday Morning is the title of the post.

Rebecca said...

Clever boy has his own clock inside.