Friday, November 21, 2008

This is what morning looks like!

"This is what morning looks like!" my dad would always say in a bright voice to me when I was younger. He got such a kick out of me grumbling about being awake so early in the morning and this would just make me grumble even more. I had an opportunity to tell my dad the same thing last weekend while we were staying at my mom and dad's home.

I have a simple, digital camera, so I wasn't really able to capture the beauty of the sunrise over the lake at my parents house last weekend......but I think you can tell that it was truely amazing. While I'm not a morning person at all, I was still awake enough to appreciate the spendor of the sun peeking over the cliffs. The air was cool and the only sounds you could hear were leaves scooting across the ground and trees gently whispering. I think my dad and my husband got a good laugh from me running out the back door in my p.j.s saying...."Oh! I've GOT to get a picture of this!" 6 in the morning.......especially because I'm still such a big grump early in the morning. Merisi, you created the new monster running around with a camera all of the time......I really am trying to see the beautiful little things in my world around me. What a gift! Happy Friday, everyone! :D



Charlene said...

What a photo!!! With something like this to wake up for a girl can get her self perking. My son used to hate it when I would walk in to wake him singing "Good morning to you Good morning to you we're all in our places with bright shinning faces Good Morning To YOU"! I can still get a groan with that song. :) But, a special Good Morning to you my friend. Thank you for sharing.

rochambeau said...

Dear Allie,
Maybe you're becoming a morning person? Just kidding. This is a beautiful photo from the lake. Thank you for taking it for us to enjoy. Glad you were able to spend time with your parents.
Hope all is well tonight!!

Alisa said...

Beautiful photo Allie!

My dad used to get a kick out of waking my sister and I up in the mornings. Only he did it with a "Wake Up Sunshine" song (he made it up) and "happy feet" (Steve Martin)!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

What a pretty photo! My parents always used to say "wake up sleeping beauty" to me and my younger sisters when we were growing up. Recently, my Mom stayed in a hotel room with me and she told me that when we woke up that morning, it brought back good memories!
Have a fabulous day!