Saturday, August 9, 2008

Southfork visit....but no J.R. Ewing!

So it's back-to-school time for teachers already.....aargh! We had our yearly district Instructional Leadership meeting yesterday. Of course we had to be there at 7:45 am (I'm still on my summer sleep schedule!), but the district holds the meeting out at Southfork Ranch every year, so that's not so bad. You may be thinking, "Southfork? I've heard that somewhere before.", and you'd be right. Remember in the late 70's the big t.v. hit DALLAS? The Ewings lived on Southfork Ranch. The outside shots were taken here and all of the indoor footage was on a soundstage. Through the miracle of Hollywood, the ranch looked much grander than it really is. Today, the ranch is a tourist spot and a place to have large meetings, parties, and weddings.

I've been going to these leadership meetings for six years now and although it's alot of work and digging through student and test data and planning for teacher staff developments, it is fun to catch up with friends that I haven't seen for a few months....and of course, catch up on the latest gossip :) Southfork also puts on a great spread of "grub" for us, too. Our breakfast buffet was platters and platters of fresh fruit and warm, country biscuits with sausage and eggs inside. Of course there was salsa, too! mmmmm! For lunch, another buffet spread of Texas BarBQ. Every year they rotate from BBQ to Fajitas....have to admit I was crossing my fingers for fajitas! The BBQ buffet was awesome! Fresh cole slaw, new potatoe salad, spicey pinto beans with tomatoes and chilis, corn bread muffins with cheese, whole corn and jalepenos inside, and the best shaved briscuit that just melted in your mouth. Texas fare at it's best!

While the food was great, we still had lots of work to do yesterday. I took this picture of my principals yesterday afternoon........they look tired. But wait! There's MORE FOOD! Just when you think you're done for the day and your brain checks out........warm apple cobbler arrives with bowls and bowls of whipped cream!! If you gotta work.....this is the way to do it!!!


Anonymous said...

Too bad we did not run into JR. It would have been a little more exciting! We did have a good time though and got a lot of work done for the upcoming school year. We have a terrific team and we will repeat our exemplary performance this year!
I love the blog site. This is a neat way to communicate. Thanks.

Sherry said...

Oh so sorry that you are heading back into the world of work...but time spent at Southfork?! Well, if you have to go, that's the way to go!! ;)

Merisi said...

I guess the built-in bar in the office, with all that Scottish Whisky (or was it Bourbon?) was not for real either! ;-)

I remember one late September flight to Rome, with the guy next to me asking the American in front of him, "Who shot JR?" - turns out he had moved from the States to Europe, right after the season cliff hanger in May! ;-)

Any new sightings of Bobby (remember him turning up in the shower, after a long "absence"? ;-)