Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rounding Up Random Thoughts........

Downtown Dallas September 2008

It's been 14 days since posting......hmmmm.....partly because it's been a busy time and partly because I think I can safely say I've experienced my first spell of "bloggers block". Lots of random thoughts running through my mind.....but in no clear direction. How about a bulleted list? Let's see how that works :)

  • Texas has made it through a terrible storm.....hurricane Ike. All of the evacuation centers in the DFW area are full but everyone seems to be taken care of well and there have been no major events of trouble. Why did so many people decide to ride the storm out in Galveston? It doesn't make sense.
  • Would really like to get the scanner working. Asked one of the Cupcake Princess's friends if she'd set it up for me and happily I may be scanning by tonight :) Bringing in more pictures might break the blogger's block.
  • Just celebrated 21 years of being married. Wow! I can't be that old!!
  • Sarah Palin sure is getting a lot of press.
  • One of the Cupcake Princess's friends from elementary school just turned 18 last week and this past Friday night we got a midnight call that she had been in an accident. She was driving her vespa home Friday evening and somebody hit her. Chipped teeth, road rash, stitches in her cheek, and surgery yesterday to put two plates into her leg. Horrible. She is like our adopted daughter. Couldn't sleep after the phone call. Was like the floor had just been pulled out from under me. She just called from her hospital room and sounds good. We're all going to see her this evening. It's scary when your kids go off for their first day of school and you think that when you get through that, things are good and you won't be experiencing that feeling again. WRONG! Now they are 18, driving, and your heart skips a beat every night that they are out and you don't relax your shoulders until they are home safe and sound. When does THAT feeling go away?
  • Have been enjoying the new episodes of Gossip Girl. Am I too old to be watching this?
  • Why does it always rain right after you give the dog a bath?
  • Downtown Dallas is actually beautiful.


Alisa said...

-Great photo of the ball!
-Sorry to here about your "like a daughter". Glad to hear she is already sounding better!
-Happy Anniversary!

Merisi said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)
Has the storm in any way affected your area?

I have been all over lately, trying to get the most of the last summer days, before it's all over. I am glad I did, still swimming in the lake on Friday evening at sunset, now the temperatures have plummeted to a cool (but not so cool) low in the Fifties! :-(

rochambeau said...

Happy Anniversary &
Glad you made it through Ike.
Yes your Cupcake Princess is in need of a crown I think!

Thanks for asking about our moving sale.
It will be weekend. A blogger friend Mo'a is on her way over now for some pre~sale shopping!


rochambeau said...

The sale will be this coming up weekend!!

Teresa said...

Oh Allie, that poor baby girl. Please send her love from bloggie land!! I hope she is doing better. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! yay!!
And please stay safe in all of these storms. I bet you are tired of rain!



Hello Allie,

Glad to hear you and your family are fine...I have some friends in Texas.
We had a horrible weekend here in Toronto, with lots of rain and strong winds, 60km/hr that left us with a messy city to clean...
Thank you so much for your so kind comments at Constance's...

~ Gabriela ~

Sherry said...

Great round up!! I'm glad you are all doing well and were spared by Ike; I'm so sorry though that your daughter's friend was injured in an accident - thankfully she has injuries to recover from and that it wasn't much more serious, especially having been on a vespa and not more "protected" in a car.

You are NEVER too old to watch anything you enjoy -- I am sorry Allie but there is no such thing as "too old"...and I'm glad you had a wonderful anniversary to keep you young at heart!! :)

Merisi said...

Now, Allie,
this is Sunday, September 21,
and I wish you a great ride into Autumn! :-)