Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prince Pippen's Birthday!

Ok.....I know I'm a little crazy about my scotty, but he sure is sweet and he always makes me smile! Today is his third birthday and I'll be making him something special for dinner tonight. Pippen has requested something made with chicken. Last year he got Chicken Parmigana......he appreciates good Italian food. :D I know I'm not the only one crazy about their dog or dogs. So give it up....what crazy things do you do for your pet?




Alisa said...

Haha... what crazy things do I not do? One year, I threw a birthday party for our dog. We went to the party store and got puppy plates, cups, hats and balloons. I made Lucy a "dog" cake and then let her sit at the table, but she hat to wear her party hat, and eat her cake! It was pretty crazy!

Happy Birthday, Pippen!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Java's (our lone lab) tastes are not so refined - he loves his annual trip to McDonalds for his cheeseburger Happy Meal.

The Arrrooo Crew thinks everyday is their birthday - they're so spoiled!! They all had a bit if mac and cheese last night for a treat.

Hope the grooming goes well. I did Piper last weekend and he looks so cute, I just have to laugh every time I see him - now those girls need to have their spa day.

Happy Friday,

Leslie said...

I totally understand that. I cook a chicken breast for my dogs every night.

Many people don't know that I have two dogs. Atticus gets all the camera time because Scout is afraid of it.

Your scottie is adorable.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Just read your blog about caring for your mother in law. When I reached the "driving" issue with my 89 year old father - I let his doctor tell him that he could no longer drive - he even made me a 'copy' of the official letter to the DMV that stated Dad should no longer drive - worked great - I commiserated with Dad and he always let me or Mom drive after that - in fact he said he loved having his chauffeurs. Hope it works for you.