Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This sweet face is my mother as a little girl. She loved to dance, she loved music, she loved to fish, and she LOVED her big brothers.
In the mid 1950's, she married my dad. He and his family had been back-door neighbors since the two of them were in 6th grade, but they never dated until after college. Her mother made her wedding dress. Isn't it beautiful?!!They spent their first anniversary in Berlin, Germany as that was where my father had been assigned with the military. Mom was the perfect wife and mother. She made a home that was warm and inviting. She gave lots of dinner parties and was a fabulous cook. She sewed many beautiful dresses for me as I grew up, to include my awesome prom dress from a Nina Ricci Vogue pattern. She and dad made me and my brother feel like we were special and encouraged us in the many things that we tried to accomplish, to include soccer, softball, t-ball, band, choir, football, cheerleading and twirling.

Now she has a wonderful home in Central Texas that is just a piece of paradise. Everyone loves to come "home" to Oma's house because when you're there, you feel like you're special. The grandkids love to visit their Oma because it is the land of no "no's". There's a never ending supply of ice cream and you can swim any time that you want to.
This is the reason that I get to celebrate Mother's Day. My cupcake. She turns 18 in two weeks and has turned into a beautiful, bright, sweet, and articulate young lady. It will be fun to watch her future unfold in these next four years as she heads off to college.
Wishing you and yours a lovely Mother's Day full of love and fond memories.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Happy Mother's Day Allie,

Thank you for sharing a snippet of your life.


sherry lee said...

What a loving tribute to your mother (such a beautiful lady in all her photographs) seems she has passed on her beauty and her gift of mothering to you. Hope you both had a beautiful Mother's Day.

Alisa said...

Happy Mother's Day, Allie! What beautiful Ladies you have to celebrate life with!

Merisi said...

So full of love and you,
all of these images!
Your mother' wedding dress is out of this world, and I imagine so was your Nina Ricci (!) prom dress.
I remember the pictures of your mother's beautiful garden.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, good luck to your little Cupcake!

Thank you for being always so kind to comment on my blog. I truly appreciate that you take the time to leave these wonderful encouragement under my posts. I am sorry I do not manage to visit here more or write. Blogging eats my spare time most days.

Leslie said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day Allie. You had some good reasons to enjoy it!

Beautiful ladies you all are.