Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random thoughts.....

What a busy month! Seems there's been hardly any time to spend on my site. I sneak in a few visits to some of my favorite sights but that's about it. The local Kroger has been making some awesome cupcakes lately. I should have taken a picture of the cupcake tree when it was still full on Easter Eve. Just LOVE this cupcake tree! It was a Christmas gift from my team mates at school.

Have been spending time with friends and family. Work at school is at full speed as our kids are beginning to take state exams to meet No Child Left Behind expectations. My 87 year old mother-in-law had colon surgery and my husband and I have been there for her through her recovery. How do you tell an 87 year old that she shouldn't be driving anymore? That's her on the right, in the red, and my sweet mother sitting to the left of her. This photo was taken in January of this year.

Colored eggs with good friends. Julie's parents came down from Kansas and added to the egg coloring party.

Big Daddy is lots of fun on Easter Eve. Just one big kid!!

High school graduation is but 6 weeks away for the Cupcake Princess. The social calendar is spinning in a frenzy. She turns 18 in a month as well. Geeeezzzzz!

This appears to be more of a journal entry than an interesting blog post. Creativity has taken a vacation for while I guess.

Looking forward to summer break in June......

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rochambeau said...

Hi Allie,
Sorry to hear about your mother in law's surgery. Glad you and your husband can be there for her. Sad also about the driving issue!!
Thank you for sharing your egg coloring party & I too love your cupcake tree. I wonder is someone around there wishes she had one too!


Happy Spring.
Thank you for stopping by!