Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trying Something New..... it's a new year and I've decided to try something keep pushing myself to do things I've never done before. I've been a scrapbooker for years but have never made cards, tags, etc. and have been SO inspired by all of the beautiful work I've seen so many of you create. In November, my best friend and I went to Salado....a small, art town in central Texas and I decided to buy some stamps, glitter, etc. to give cardmaking a try. The lady in the shop was even nice enough to let me photograph samples that they had of completed cards so that I could refer back to them later. To make a long story short, the Saturday before school started back up in January, my best friend Julie, and I spent the whole day making cards and playing with our new "toys" of stamps, inks, glitters, papers, etc........and the photos show my first attempt at card and tag making. Alisa at Life Is A Beautiful Place To Be, actually was kind of enough to say that she'd like to see what I had Alisa, I'm ready for your thoughts! :D I've still got to work on the settings of my camera to get better photos.

Julie and I had a great time on our "Girl's Day".....listened to some great classic rock, ordered our favorite white pizza from Venezia's (a locally owned Italian restaurant), and chatted the day away.

This weekend is my birthday and Julie and I are going to a scrapbook convention....have never been to one before, but I'm excited about going. I just started my next grad school course and have a BIG assignment due on Sunday, but I'm going to burn the midnight oil to be done with all of that by Saturday. All kinds of vendors are supposed to be at the convention and there are supposed to be lots of "make and take" opportunities as well. Another fun "Girl's Day"! I want to GO!!! Maybe we'll have Mexican food this time.....yum!! Aren't best friends just the BEST!?!!!

Wishing you good times with your good friends!


cindy said...

You have made some really cute things there. Yep, is always fun to craft with a friend...seems like it adds to the creative energy! Will have to head to Salado...have not been there in ages!


Charlene said...

Oh please share... where is the scrapbook convention? Who is doing it? Is it like the big one in Arlington in June?

I love your cards. Is the stamp store a little metal building next to Horsefeathers Gifts? Isn't girls day fun? Love It!

Alisa said...

Oh Allie!!!! Yay!!! They are FABULOUS!!

Good for you for a) doing it and b) posting them. Now, if you enjoyed the process, don't stop... keep creating!

Have a great time this weekend! (I'm having some girlfriend time myself, this afternoon.)

Charlene said...

Thank you for your visit & sweet words of comfort & support. Isn't that the best thing about our blog friends! And also, for the information on the scrapbook convention. I went to Market at the Trade Mart yesterday & WALKED MY FEET OFF! And I have a huge 3 day convention meet at the airport early in the week so I decided I needed to rest the feet & legs so, I can't go to the scrapbook convention today. :( Maybe we could get together & go to the HUGE one in June at the Arlingon Convention Center. If you've never been it is HEAVEN for a scrapper. Days of classes, crops(with over 100 women) everynight & a convention center floor to blow you away!