Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day Fun

Too much ice on the roads this morning......NO SCHOOL TODAY! YEA! So what do I do with myself and this free time? Play on the computer, of course!! Went out to Flickr and played around with some photos.
If you've never been out to this site, you should check it out! These are two photos of my sweet, scottie.....Pippen. I love him dearly!!

Finding time to play is a "good thing" (thanks, Martha Stewart). Hope you find some time to play today, too!



Charlene said...

What cutie is he! Brrrrrrrrrrr it is cold here. My honey didn't try to leave for work until 9:30 this morning. Driving so far in that stuff scares me! But, he called & said all was well & the roads were full of idiots trying to drive like a sunny dry day. :0 Glad you got a day home to play.

Alisa said...

Too cute! I've used it to make mosaics, but not the mag covers... yet!

Merisi said...

*giggle* Good for you!

It has not stopped snowing here since last night.

I answered on my blog regarding the everyday use of one's "good" china. I do use mine every day. ;-)

Marcy said...

Pippen is darling! He looks so much like my Maizie ... some of the same expressions. :)

Merisi said...

nothing good to say about the weather here either! Snow, sleet, grey, grey, grey. *baaah*
I am preparing a little getaway,
if you want to come back a little later? *smile*