Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now What?!

So it turns out that for the past two weeks, the Cupcake Princess has not had strep, she's had MONO! She is supposed to leave for Scotland on August 4.......what a wild ride it's been!! At our doctor visit yesterday, the third one in two weeks, the doctor says that the Cupcake Princess is fighting the mono well and based on what she can see, Scotland is a go. Imagine that! Luckily, the Cupcake Princess has not had such a bad round of it.....not sleepy, not lethargic, no fever....just a sore throat, swollen tonsils with puss on them....yuck! The steroid shot shrunk those bad boy tonsils down in 24 hours. For the past three days, she's said she feels like her normal self. What we really need is a cure for stir crazy as the Cupcake Princess is dying to get out and about with her friends......we've had her quarntined for two weeks. I've gone online to research mono and can find all sorts of info on it but it's all over the board. She could be down two weeks to a year with it...........well, that's helpful, concise information! Please say a prayer that my sweet cupcake will continue to get stronger every day and her body will continue to fight the virus the way it has been. She's worked too hard for a whole year to raise the money for this trip to Scotland with her theatre troupe where they will be doing 4 performances at the Fringe Festival.........I'd hate to see her miss the trip, but I don't want her to get sicker either.......I know we got the doctor ok, but still...............just being a "mom" I guess..........


Merisi said...

I am so sorry to hear that your Sweet Cupcake has been hit with Mono! One of my daughters happened to have it too, the most severe case her doctor ever encountered, and she was ready to go back to school with a month. I am no expert either, one recommandation that not only her doctor gave her, but that was emphasized over and over by friends who practive medicine, is to not let even one drop of alcohol enter system for a whole year. The liver's too taxed already to take on extra work. I won't write more, and mentioned it only because it seems so important to know about that.
I love the picture of Marie Antoinette (have you seen the image on my blog, of her sitting on a RĂ©camier-style reclining, - or is it a "fainting couch"?, who knows *g* -, in the middle of even more cakes, in the Demel's shop window in Vienna?)!

Merisi said...

I apologize for the mistakes, hit the publishing button instead of the preview one.

Alisa said...

Oh no! Bless her heart and your's... I understand that "mother" thing! I'm glad she's getting better!
Hugs to you both,

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Glad she is getting better and will pray that she continues to do so!!!
Thank you for entering the drawing on Aged Vintage Papier!
Have a fabulous weeks!

Sherry said...

Ah the "joys" of mono!! It rears it's ugly head from time to time -- the son of one of my good friends (same age as my son, they used to play hockey together) had that all winter -- he's doing better now but16/17 year olds seem to be "ripe" for this. Hope your CP is feeling more like herself every day and I'm glad the doctor has given the green light for Scotland!

rochambeau said...

Will pray for the Cupcake Princess!
I had mono in high school. It was the only time I had an out of a body experience. Still, I was well in 11 days. I don't think they gave me antibiotics. Think your girl will make it!

Like your Marie A image!
So nice to know you know Merisi!

Allie said...

Merisi and Constance:
Thank you for sharing your experiences with mono. I guess I've only heard the horror stories and not the more "successful" stories. My principal came down with mono in April and she's STILL battling it with an enlarged spleen. The Cupcake Princess swears that she feels fine and is chomping at the bit to get to Scotland! We need a perscription for stir craziness....for ALL OF US!

Thanks for the kind thoughts!

amy-razz pizazz boutique:
Thank you for keeping my Cupcake Princess in your prayers.

CP.....I like that....much easier to write than Cupcake Princess! Might have to try that!!