Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just a dusting?

The weathermen all said we'd just get a "dusting"....nothing more than an inch or so. Boy were they wrong! I've been out of school for 6 days!! We ended up with a bottom layer of thick ice and then about 6 inches of snow!! Does this look like a light dusting to you? Don't get me wrong......we had a FABULOUS time playing in the snow, watching movies, crafting, playing on the computer, making cookies, and napping. And when I say "we", it was just me and Big Daddy and Pippen. No children. But a snow day is a snow day! Pancakes and bacon for everyone!!!

But now, Monday is close by and there's lots of work to make up. I've been the grasshopper playing all this's about to catch up with me. I'm ok with that, though. Usually I'm the ant, always working.

Did you have a "light dusting" where you are? What fun things did you do?


christi said...

snow days, how fun! and spring break is soo close for you! thanks for entering the giftaway!

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