Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer in Texas is always HOT! This year is no exception with 100+ degrees hitting the thermometer every day. And poor Prince Pippen just loves being outside, even with all that fur!

While at my parents house at the lake, we are outside alot and Pippen kept trying to "swim" in his water bowl. We didn't have a doggie pool for him so the next closest thing we could find for him was a roasting pan. He LOVED it!!
He became our summer "roasting turkey". He was SO happy with his "pool" that on a a return visit this summer, he knew exactly what to do when he got hot. Momma's got to buy him a swimming pool next year.

You just gotta love him!!



Ashley Hlavaty said...

So cute!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

This is precious - but he would really enjoy a kiddie pool!!

mya said...

When I was growing up we had a Scottie, his name was Waga MacScott. And you are right - He owned us! Our little fellow was strickly a family dog. One day he hopped up on the couch between my sister and her fiance (a vet student) pretened to be nice, and sowly and methodically bit him after Mr. Vet petted him. We forewarned him, but afterall he was the vet student. I think he took it peesonally.

We are hot here in the Atlanta.Ga. area, but we have not hit the 100's. Not yet.

Stay cool.

mya said...

ps: the word should be personally.

rochambeau said...

What a sweet pupster!

Prince Pippen's makeshift pool looks like a "Hot Tub" ;-)


Leslie said...

That is so stinkin' cute!

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

Prince Pippen is just too adorable! I smiled when I saw him using his water bowl for a pool...too funny!
You are right, it's just toooo hot here in the Dallas area right now..ugh!
Have a fabulous week!

Miss Jean said...

Oh, goodness, Pippin looks so cute in his roasting pan! Hilarious. I'll have to try that for my scotty, Maggie. We've had some hot 100 degree days here in Califoria as well. Her favorite spot to nap when it's hot is under my bed. That's where I look when I can't find her.

Love me some Scotties!!!

Cobalt Violet said...

Your dog is hilarious! So cute, and what a great idea. I have a parrot named Beatrice who I bring in the shower with me on a hot day!

I am here via Merisi ... You have such pretty blog!

agypsyangel said...

He is adorable!! I just joined the bloggerrette sorority and thought I would come by and say hello. Please come visit my blog sometime. Happy Monday. Kim

The Strawberry Mallard said...

Oh that facea......I wanna hug that adorable face ( errrrrr not while Becky & G-dog are in range though ;o)

Alisa said...

That's too funny and too stinkin' cute!
I'll tell you what, our little pig-dog wouldn't survive summers without her kiddie "piggy" pool. Getting her out of it is the hard part.

rochambeau said...

Thinking of you as you prepare for you new year!!!


Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, I love blog and am signing up to follow! I just came across it at the bloggerette Sorority.
Thank you for sharing!

ScamperingScotties said...

That is hilarious!! So cute.

Sarah, Brodie, Caolin

Susan McClelland said...

So cute! We have a pool and all 4 Scotties want in. They sit on the step and let their skirts flow in the water. Gus, Gracious, Barkley and Maizie. The water pups.