Sunday, August 22, 2010

And it starts again....................

The beginning of another school year starts tomorrow. We had Howdy Night this past Friday night, cooking hot dog dinners for everyone who joined PTA (even though it was over 100 degrees!), teachers meeting their students, school supplies being purchased and brought to the classroom, laughing, and just trying to enjoy the fact that school starts on Monday. I feel just like one of the kids.....have my first day of school outfit picked out, ironed, and hanging on the back of the closet door. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight! Do you remember those back-to-school jitters?
(and no.....that's not me in the dancing dolphin get-up. It's one of my teachers who has more energy than the energizer bunny!!!)


mya said...

I hope your school year will get off to a smooth start and continue that way.
I do not get to buy school supplies anymore. My kids are in grad school, and one of them now lives out of town where she attends school. But you know, I do miss those days. There was a little excitement in the air, new routine, new subjects,and meet up with class mates.
Still the same, Fridays were always welcomed.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Sooooo ... howzit going? My Sweetie started teaching on Monday too. So far so good there!
I have cousins in daddys family is from NE Texas and then Louisiana. I miss it a lot.
Love your precious Scotty...I wanted a Scotty but somehow we ended up with cats..???? Ah well.