Friday, February 19, 2010

A Great Giveaway in Dallas!

"Nest has been a destination for unique gifts and home accents for over a decade. The original store had two locations in Dallas before its owners moved it to University Park's Snider Plaza, where it currently lives. Two years after the move to Snider Plaza, Nest was ready to be sold.
Enter: Scott Alexander and Heather Wiese-Alexander, budding entrepreneurs, and soon-to-be new owners of The Nest. Nearly four years later, Nest has undergone a full transformation. Although the merchandise assortment is dramatically different, the heart of the original store is still quite alive. The original art concept inspired a full gallery in the upstairs catwalk surrounding the entire store. The hand-made crafts blossomed into hand-made categories in every "department" from gifts to linens, to home accents, to furniture. The merchandise assortment still has a very high percentage of exclusive musings, making Nest a destination for an array of unequivocally clever findings." excerpted from

Have yet to visit this store, but it's on my bucket list for this spring! I went to college with Donald Fowler, their buyer and store manager, and his eye for style has been nothing but fascinating since the day I met him!! Check out the Nest Interior Design blog's got great style and wonderful photos that inspires every persons inner decorator!!!


rochambeau said...

Hi Allie,
I was to the old Nest!! I loved it! Thought it had closed. Perhaps it moved to a different local in Snider Plaza.

Thank you for your will and good thoughts. Someday we will meet, for sure!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Sounds like a fun store.

Charlene said...

I have been there a few times! Always very interesting items & the displays are unique!

Allie, thank you for the wishes of angels wrapping their wings around me with comfort for the loss of my sweet Reba. I am not doing well THE HOUSE SCREAMS WITH QUIET! Her rugs are still there, the food bowl gone but, SHE is everywhere I look... yet no where to be found. My heart is broken & I feel so ALONE! But, words from friends & wishes like yours have got to help. THANK YOU! Charlene

Alisa said...

Thanks for sharing, Allie!

Hope you are feeling better now.