Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm seeing many of my friends posting on Facebook saying they've got their tree up, the lights and decorations on, and the house is twinkling with holiday cheer. I haven't gotten to any of that yet. In fact, I have purchased one present and it was bought on line. I haven't been in a mall since the summer. Why can't I find time to have my house all decorated for the holidays like everyone else? All week my time is spent at school and then home to take on my other job as wife and mother. On the weekend, I try to get my weekly chores done, grandma's groceries and medicine picked up, grandma's weekly to-do list done, etc. Hmmmm............time to re-evaluate my schedule.

How do you get it all done?



Mya said...

Oh, dear darling, soul mate, the few presents I have bought are for my out of town daughter who not only gave me a list in an email but had their URL addresses already typed, and product numbers listed. At least that lessens the load a smidgen.
House decorated? Even when I do get around to it,my house will not look like the neighbors. Perhaps I should put a sign in the yard that says "Yes, we do celebrate Christmas."
My motto is - Slow down, you are suppose to enjoy it.

Ashley Hlavaty said...

This year has been too busy for us too. I don't know where people find the time. Since we're so busy and have such crazy travel plans for the holiday we're not even putting up a tree. We went to Home Depot today and bought a wreath for the door, but that will be the extent of our Christmas decorating today. Oh, and we'll display Christmas cards. But that's it. As for presents, ugh. Time to order online if you ask me. I saw the traffic near the mall today. No thanks!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I bet if you asked Grandma, she'd say you had your priorities in order!!

Merry Christmas.