Sunday, April 18, 2010

My first Principal Appreciation Day

This past week has been a VERY busy and trying week. We're now 1 week out from state testing of all of our kids and I'm one of the testing co-ordinators in our building. There's way too many things to stay up on with all of the secure documents, checking every code assigned to a child (ie. economically disadvantaged, ESL, bilingual, race, special ed, immigrant status, etc.), and assigning correctly every student to the correct test within their specific testing group. At the same time, I've been completing my teacher's yearly evaluations. And of course, Spring Fever has hit the students. LOTS of office referrals! I've been spending about 12 hours a day at school lately. AAAghhh! And then came Principal Appreciation Day, right in the middle of the madness!
Our wonderful staff set up the office for my principal and me to have a lovely, homemade, Mexican lunch. Chicken Mole, rice, beans, chocolate and flan cake, iced was delightful! It's nice to feel appreciated.

Hope someone has appreciated you this week.........


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

You are appreciated!

Ashley Hlavaty said...

How sweet! I hope they know what an awesome lady they have on their hands!

rochambeau said...

I love how this post ends~
Makes me teary even for the teachers thoughtfulness! A little oasis in the middle of madness!
Hang in there Allie ~
Summer is around the corner~~

And you must come check out Jefferson!