Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

Look who came for the Easter weekend!

It's become an annual event with our family and friends....egg dying night.

Each year we get together with boiled eggs and an egg dying kit, have an easy meal before hand (usually KFC flavored wings and a tossed salad), eat homemade desserts (brownies, cookies, etc.), listen to music in the background (this time it was Rod Stewart's greatest hits), and do lots of laughing and story telling!
This is Jim and Julie. Julie has ALWAYS been into egg dying, but when Jim came along, he thought it was silly and we had to twist his arm. But he had so much fun the first time that now he asks when we're going to do it each year..........he loves it!
My husband is such a boy.......his goal every year is to make an ugly egg. Above is this year's contribution. We all think it looks like a dinosaur egg.........he calls it a booger egg. Boys!

I just love it when the Cupcake Princess comes home! She baked brownies on Friday night and carrot cake (Big Daddy's favorite!) cupcakes with cream cheese icing on Saturday night. This house is so alive when she's home! Hope your home is full of joy and life this Easter weekend.



rochambeau said...

Happy Easter Allie to you and your family. It's cool that you all dye Easter eggs together!! Your husband will be surprised when he hears that I think his egg is very artistic!
So nice that your CC Princess is their to bring your house joy and delicious treats~
Hope your day was wonderful.

TRULY glad you are starting to feel yourself again. Doesn't the sky look blue after all you have been through?

Hugs from a small town under the same sun~

Alisa said...

What fun! And the "ugly egg"... too funny!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

It sounds like a good time was had by all.

Sorry I didn't get to you sooner - I've been a bit busy! Please feel free to use my puppy wagon picture as your desktop. In fact I might even put it on mine too.

Have a great day.