Sunday, March 1, 2009

My vacume cleaner is lonely......

I'm up to my ears with "stuff" stuff, work stuff, housework stuff, getting the Cupcake Princess finalized for college stuff. I need a maid!Spring break is just a few weeks away......I think it will be a true Spring Cleaning taking place. AAAAGH! Any advice?



Alisa said...


Go get a massage and have a latte.


cindy said...

Advice...please come to my house when you are done!



Jessica said...

go have a you day. Or a you and Erin message/pedi/manicure day. You wont have to worry about me stealing your daughter away for spring break, I'll be gone for most of it :-P. BUT! I have a mission to find you a new york Scottie...of some sort.

And believe me I know how you feel. My apartment is a mess and I have no time to's lovely Midterm time *sigh* I have not idea how Im gunna get all my stuff done. O Well! Spring is in the air!

Susie Q said...

I'm sort of thinking that Alisa and Jessica have the right all that and while you are gone, hire someone to clean the house.

rochambeau said...

Please advise!
Happy about your CC Princess! This IS and exciting time for her and for you!!

May you feel peace!


Merisi said...

(Those dust bunnies will wait patiently for you! *giggle*)

Yes, Salzburg is definitely worth a visit! That mountain on yesterday's post is only 40 minutes south of the city (one of many more beautiful peaks around the city).

I shall be off to Rome in a few days. ;-)