Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Merisi said...

Hi Allie!
I arrived back in V. this morning - can't say that I am sad because these were five very hectic days in Rome (I lived there for almost a decade, so it is always sweet to be "back home"), but I tried to enjoy them as much as possibel. Weather was gorgeous, Spring in full swing, lunch outdoors every day, only the evenings I preferred to sit indoors, but there were enough tourists sitting outside even late at night.

rochambeau said...

Very nice!!
Happy belated St. Pattie's Day Allie!
Hope all is beautiful out under your part of the Texas sun today. We have a lovely day here!

Hope you, your husband AND the Cupcake Princess are all well.

Guess what?
The lyrics to the song ~ When Irish Eye's Are Smiling (in the back ground of this funny Youtube) were written by my Great Uncle, George Graff(my father's Uncle). The royalties from this song allowed him to live a good life.

Thank you for leaving a comment today!

Here, we are preparing for a 50th birthday celebration for a friend on Saturday.

Have a great weekend.

Isn't the photo of Merisi (above) cute?


cindy said...