Monday, December 15, 2008

'Tis the Season....

Wow! December just BLEW into my world and it's been run, run, run ever since! Here it is December 15 and I just put my tree up yesterday BUT it's not decorated....that may not happen until Friday night. Seemed strange pulling out the tree yesterday when it was nearly 80 degrees.....not complaining mind you, it was nice having the doors and windows open. This morning we awoke to 31 degrees with the high only being 36 but they say by Friday it may reach 70....gotta love the Texas winters!

In the past month, we've taken the Cupcake Princess to two universities for a visit. One of the universities was UNT, my alma mater. Boy, was that a strange feeling!! Walking around campus, wondering what had happened to all of the frat houses, reminiscing about 10 cent beer could my one and only be old enough for that kind of fun?! She also got her first college acceptance letter a few days ago. What a joyous time it is for her!!

Tonight we head over to the high school for their annual Christmas choir concert. Such a talented group of kids! That's the Cupcake Princess on the front row (one of the benefits of being short :D !) sporting the shades.

Busy times can be happy times. May this holiday season be busy and happy for you, too. More soon.........



sherry smyth said...

I'm right there with you Allie -- not very "motivated" in the getting things done for decorating...tree has been up for a week and I think I've put 5 ornaments on it!! Outside lights went up on Saturday -- I've been too sick to care but I'm getting there!!

The fun of visiting universities, acceptance's a great time!!!

Alisa said...

Yep, busy, busy, busy!

Already visiting universities! Ugh... we'll be doing that next year. I don't know whether to cheer or cry. :)

Charlene said...

I wondered where you had been. Glad you are having fun with CP going to check out schools. I remember doing that with my son YEARS ago! They grow up so fast

rochambeau said...

Hey Allie,
Like you, I'm taking it slow too! Not being hard on myself! It's all coming together. The cupcake Princess is pretty.
Must have been weird to see you campus. NTS is a great school. Hope CP will get to ge!!
May you feel at peace!