Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer's Coming!

Renaissance Festival time again. May birthdays. My sweet cupcake turned 20! School's out in one more week. Cousin's Weekend at the lake is just around the corner. Yes, indeed...........summer's coming! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! The time to refocus and get centered is almost here........finally!!!

Are you looking forward to this summer?


Ashley Hlavaty said...

I can't believe you guys are STILL in school. We got out on the 25th this year. I'm sure all of those snow days did y'all in. I hope it passes quickly!

rochambeau said...

Happy Birthday to her Royal Cupcake Princess! I you all come to visit, I'll make you both Cupcakes. You see, I'm trying to get clever in how to lour you all!
Anyway.....HAPPY summer ~
Wanted to let you know, I finally figured out what was wrong with my goodread account, but now that I have a new one,I must figure out how to link you!

I like the quote you hang on your fridge! It was given to me last week by a very special family.


ps What's Princess' fav flavor?
Please tell her she looks great in her Renaissance costume!

rochambeau said...

I meant to say:
IF you all will come to visit.

Leslie said...

Happy birthday to your cupcake! The Renaissance Fair looks like fun!

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