Monday, June 28, 2010

Lunch Date Fun

This handsome, little man was my lunch date today! He's the 9 month old son of one of my former team mates. She left teaching to have this sweet, little man and today we met up for lunch with our dear friend, Kelsey. What a great time we had catching up. But I must admit, I was so enamored with little Caden. He is a charming, happy little boy. Good times with old friends. I should do that more often. Hope you take the time to catch up with some of your dear friends, too. You won't be sorry.



The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

With our hurried lifestyles we often forget to stop and spend a few "minutes on the porch" catching up with our loved ones. It sounds like you had a fantastic lunch.

rochambeau said...

A happy thing to spend an afternoon with a golden friend and her sweetest little handsome boy!! Glad you were able to!

Keep reveling in your time OFF, Allie!!

Happy forth of July~

Can you believe it is almost here?