Monday, November 16, 2009

Stepping away from work for a moment......

This past Sunday, I decided to just step away from any kind of work, school work, etc. and just enjoy the day as it unfolded. The weather was still warm, in the mid 70's, and the sun came out every once in a while. I took the camera on a little walk with me around my house........stopping to smell the the mums.....and look what I found. Bees hard at work!

Berries on the front bushes are beginning to turn red......colors of the holiday soon to be here.

And the sweetest Scottie ever.......who just wanted to play. Simple pleasures sure to be missed if one doesn't slow down every once in a while. Hope you have an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the world around you this week.



Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Sometimes we just have to slow down and pet the Scotties - it's grand!!

cindy said...

Ahhhhh, as they say, "take time to smell the roses"! :D And to pet the cute Scotties too! Sounds like a grand day!

yapping cat

Alisa said...

Good for you for taking a day rest and do what you want to do!

Thank you so much, Allie, for the warm comments you have been leaving me. They really help!

Merisi said...

Isn't it amazing how a camera can focus your mind too? I am glad that you enjoyed a day off everything, we women need to do this more often! I decided that I will not do any more cooking until Saturday (3 days without), when we will celebrate Thanksgiving, i.e. I will slave over the kitchen stove for hours, not to speak about getting all the groceries into the home before that! ;-)

We are enjoying a particularly beautiful spell of weather, the air sings of springs, unbelievable! I will take tomorrow morning off for just walking the city, after all, I did not get a break over the weekend.


rochambeau said...

Oh Happy Day!
What a nice Scottie you have! Super cute!
Happy Thanksgiving Allie!
I'm thankful for you!


rochambeau said...

Sending you thoughts of milk chocolates!!