Sunday, October 18, 2009

What? October is almost over?

So my last post was made back in August? Holy Cow!!! My new position as Assistant Principal has been keeping me quite busy, but it's been wonderful as well. Two weekends ago, I went to the Dallas Gem and Jewelry show and bought some cool pieces and some beads. Last weekend, I actually had time, no......actually MADE time to sit down and put together this necklace. It has kind of an Ed Hardy look to it.
With the Cupcake Princess off at college (only 45 minutes away!), Big Daddy and I have been having Sunday brunches and going to movies with good friends. Lots of fun! Have been up to see the Cupcake Princess twice armed with snack bags and warmer sweaters, as fall is slowing arriving in the Dallas area. College seems to be agreeing with her. But I do hate saying goodbye to her. It just seems like she should be getting in the car and coming home with me........hmmmmmm.........
I haven't even been carrying my camera around with me. Have got to get back into the habit of that. I've been running with my "nose close to the ground", just trying to stay afloat everyday at my new school. Time to stop and smell the roses a little bit I think........AND......time to visit all of my favorite blog sights, too!!!

Happy Autumn!!!!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Hi Allie,

I'm glad to hear your new job is going well - sounds like it is keeping you busy.

You must have some down time though to keep on the upswing - you chose a beautiful way to relax - the necklace is fabulous.

Have a great day. Scritches to Pippen.


teresa sheeley said...

Love that necklace! I know it's hard when your baby is away, but you will start enjoying your freedom here and there. :)


rochambeau said...

Happy Autumn Allie,
So nice that you and your husband are having some fun. Also that you like your new post as Asst. Principle.
When are you coming to Jefferson? When you do, you won't believe that you have never been before, because...It's really nice here.


ps nice gems!

Alisa said...

I'm so glad you are loving your new postion, Allie!
But, I was really happy to see your comment over on my blog, too.
The necklace is really cool... yep, Ed Hardy.

Anonymous said...

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cindy said...

Pretty necklace!

yapping cat

Anonymous said...

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