Thursday, June 18, 2009


Are these some awesome cupcakes or what?!! My local Kroger made two dozen of these for our graduation party for my daughter. The icing was a mixture of butter cream and whipped cream. They were OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS and beautiful, too!! And best of all, they were $5.99 a dozen. Such little things bring such big joy! What little thing brings you joy?


Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

I doubt that any of my local groceries would make anything so spectacular - those are gorgeous.

Have a great weekend.

Lynn and "the Arrrooo Crew"

rochambeau said...

Beautiful petit cakes for your Cupcake Princess, Allie!! AND oh my, the price was right! So much to celebrate!! Hope you will have fun eating these pretties!

Congrats for finishing school for awhile! FUN! Will you go to your parents lake?

Did you get the photos I sent?
When you come to Jefferson,
I'll make you and the CCP some cupcakes! Will that sway you?

Merisi said...

I have never seen such spectacular cupcakes!

My oldest was in second grade when I got the biggest compliment about my baking skills in a most unexpected way: I had baked cupcakes for her birthday celebration in school. I was as pleased as Punch about the way they looked and tasted. When I picked my daughter up from school, first thing I wanted to know was whether they had liked my cupcakes. Oh yes, she exclaimed with a bright smile, they said they were almost as good as Giant's! Well, Giant's our Kroger!!! *giggle* To this day, it is a running gag in our home, when something or else is almost as good as Giant's.