Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!Just finished taking the practice principal's exam all morning and got to come home long enough to have some lunch and then go back for some tutoring and study sessions. Whee! What a lovely way to spend Valentine's Day. HOWEVER, tomorrow I'll be having brunch with family and friends and can celebrate then. Wishing you lots of chocolate, flowers, hearts and love today!! Off to try to get smarter.....


sherry lee said...

Happy ♥ Day to you too Allie...and best of luck with the exam!!!

rochambeau said...

Happy Valentine's Day Allie,
Hope you did WONDERFULLY WELL on your test!

Have fun tomorrow!

Alisa said...

First, Happy belated Birthday to your Big Daddy and Happy Valentine's day!

Second, so do you feel smarter or just exhausted? lol

Hope you have a great day today with your family!

Oh, and I did do my new banner. The background wallpaper and floral frame are from The Graphics Fairy. I just manipulated it in photoshop, added some other stuff and mushed it all together. :)